On Chauncey Billups, Becky Hammon, Neil Olshey, Damian Lillard, and the Media Circus Surrounding the Blazers’ Next Coach

Four NBA personalities whose stories have converged into a perfect storm of awful.

Photo by Samuel Ubani of Lagos, Nigeria

So as of this writing, the pandemic is receding… vaccinations are happening, and cities are opening back up. And if your city is anything like mine, it has a story that it’s still trying to reckon with. Part of that reckoning, however, is trying to find the right balance between acknowledging the local and national history of injustice that led to weeks and months of protests with trying to lure consumers back to their pre-pandemic habits of spending.

And so, it’s probably going to occur to some enterprising store owner or manager that —

Don’t believe the lies designed to scare you into falling in line

Oooh, scary. He must be from the “inner city.” (“Person in purple hoodie wearing a scary mask” by Gonzalo Robledo Jimenéz)

Author’s Note:

Therapy can be good and helpful, but if you struggle with doing what’s right and good, don’t blame your therapist.

So in doing some research for a recent freelance piece, I came across this gem of a quote:

“I’ve spoken to my therapist about that concept. We both agree — no.”

This quote was attributed in the LA Times to Mario Lavandeira, a veteran entertainment blogger. In the Times story, Lavandeira was responding to the negative attention he’s been receiving online after his public support of Britney Spears and her attempt to end the conservatorship that prevents her from controlling her own legal or fiscal affairs.

From all indications, it seems like cheering for Spears to take control of her…

Prince Harry’s comments about the royals and the tabloids reveal a lot about the nature of symbiotic relationships.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, sharing their story with Oprah Winfrey

So even though I don’t generally have much emotionally invested in the royal family or whatnot, I — like many of you — found Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry to be quite riveting.

Which surprised me, because the broad outlines of the story are, to me, not particularly surprising. If there’s one story I keep seeing played out over and over in the last decade or so, it’s Traditional White Institution Tries to Welcome Token Person of Color and Fails Badly. I wouldn’t be shocked if news reporters kept a basic template for these stories and just changed the…

“This dude needs to be canceled,” said I wish no one.

“This is cancel culture run amok!” said nobody ever again, if I had my druthers.

Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but time’s up on “cancel” in all its forms. It’s got to stop. I’m not usually one to ban words and phrases, but if that’s what it’ll take to get people to stop using the term, then I say everyone better beef up their hotkeys in Word, because “cancel” has to go. I’m not saying it’s the new n-word or…

With the intentional feedback of qualified Black creators, the film was a success. Without it, it would’ve been a hot mess.

So, let me get this out of the way early. For me, Pixar’s “Soul” is a triumph of animated filmmaking.

I loved, loved, this film.

And coming from me, that says a lot. I’m not a universal fan of Pixar in the way that a lot of people in my age bracket are, mostly because the fact that I don’t have children means I’m not subjected to rewatching Pixar movies over and over. I’m sure that if, like a lot of my contemporaries, I’d spent the last two decades raising several young ones, I’d have memorized some of the…

“The Day Shall Come” confuses objectivity with obfuscation.

Marchánt Davis as Moses Al Shabazz in “The Day Shall Come” (2019).

When it’s effective, say it. When it’s not, don’t.

Now, here’s the thing.

Before I get into the teeth of this, it’s important to stop and take a look back. Regardless of where you stand on “defund the police” versus either “abolish the police” (even further to the left) or “reform the police,” (the more centrist alternative) we would be remiss if we lost sight of the progress that has already been made on this front. This argument is sort of the rhetorical equivalent of the proprietary salesman who says, “So Hal, can I pencil you in for one shipment, or three?” In at least half of the country…

Be sure to define your boundaries in your fight for justice, or you might achieve your goals — but at what cost?

Clockwise, left to right: Kyle Rittenhouse (Kenosha shooter), Alan Swinney (paintball shooting Trump supporter), Michael Reinoehl (Antifa shooter), protest scene in Portland after Molotov cocktails thrown

I love a good story. In my entertainment choices, I tend to love large, sprawling, epic tales, full of revenge, betrayal, and mystery… especially ones that take their time. Movies are usually too short for these kinds of stories, I’m talking about either TV series, or video games. The best of both usually have relatable characters whose subtle nuances emerge, bit by bit, as their choices veer into more and more chaos and destruction. Eventually, there’s a point where it all comes cascading down in a swift cascade of reckoning. …

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